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Thursday, September 25, 2008

DC's MINX Imprint Cancelled

Now here's some sad news. Comic Book Resources reported that DC cancelled its Minx graphic novel line, the one aimed at tween and teenaged girls.

I saw the preview pages of some of the books through the Minx website and thought, "This doesn't look like something young girls would buy." The approach, to me, was too indie-flavored. When I think about tween and teen girls, I think Beverly Hills 90210, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock... even Charmed and Buffy. The samples shown on the Minx site didn't appear to evoke the aforementioned images.

Yes, those television shows seem shallow, but they mean a whole lot to the target market.

I was hoping I was wrong in my impression. But, despite the marketing efforts of DC, we haven't heard any staggering news of the line's success. So the hypothesis at this moment is that Minx either flopped, or it did at least fairly-slightly-somewhat okay, but not enough to merit the production of more books.

So, anyone want to try making a book for that market? If you're curious about what stories to tell, all you have to do is check out this, this, and this.


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